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Information on the village of Yetholm, near Kelso in Scotland.

Kirk Yetholm in the Twentieth Century

Kirk Yetholm from Venchen

In 1952, the Minister, writing for the Statistical Account notes:

'Many of the houses have no water, the inhabitants having to carry their water in pails from the village pumps. These houses have been condemned by the County authorities. In late years, people, particularly from Newcastle-upon-Tyne, have bought some of these houses and modernised them, installing water and electricity.'

He then records, strangely, that:

'A good number own their own houses and have improved their appearance and modernised themů. The inhabitants number about 140. Of these 12 are retired and 20 own their own houses.
The water supply for Kirk Yetholm comes from Staerough and the supply was increased in recent years, so that there is now adequate supply for the needs of the village. After the Second World War the streets were lit with electricity which was a great benefit, especially to the older people.'

Kirk Yetholm Green 1950's

By 1952, the village only had one shop - a baker's, one hotel - the Border and one business, R & W Young the stock transport and removal company. Of these only the Border Hotel exists now.

With the new housing estate which has been built, 'The Yett', Kirk Yetholm is once again growing. Facilities still, however, lie within Town Yetholm, apart from the Border Hotel.

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